National Event: Landscape of Talent Acquisition

Hosted by Executive Recruiters Association

15 March 2024, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


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In the world of finding the Top Talents, various big challenges are evolving. It's tough to find the best talent, keep up with new tech, make sure job seekers have a good experience, and build diverse teams. Also, with more remote work, things have changed.

But imagine an event where Experts from different industries talk about these challenges and how to solve them. They'll share their stories and ways to make hiring better. It's like a learning party!

"Landscape of Talent Acquisition", you'd get to hear proven insight, meet new people, and learn how to be way better at finding the right folks for the right jobs.

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The Executive Recruiters Association (ERA) is the voice of executive recruitment firms in India, setting professional standards and ethical guidelines while fostering transparency through media and public engagement. Dedicated to elevating professionalism and integrity, ERA operates from its Mumbai headquarters and spans 9 chapters across India.

Q: How can I register for the event?

A: Registration can be completed directly on our website. Simply click on the registration button and fill up the form to secure your spot.

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Q: Are there sponsorship opportunities available?

A: Yes, we offer various sponsorship packages tailored to different needs. Contact us for Sponsorship for details on packages, benefits, and how to get involved as a sponsor.

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Q: Will the event be available for virtual attendance?

A: Yes, our event will have a virtual component! Attendees can join sessions, workshops, and networking events remotely from anywhere in the world. Details on accessing the virtual platform will be provided closer to the event date.

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